Have a requests? Send me the photo.

DONATIONS - Yes, of course you will be invited to visit. 

Would you like a custom watercolor painting done for your home, or as a gift for a friend or loved one?

I am raising money to build my dream cabin on my family’s land. It is already started, but there is much more work to be done. So much of my inspiration to paint as a kid came from growing up on that land, so I thought this would be a perfect way to share my gift of painting with others and to also raise money to finally build my cabin.













All monies / donations will go to help build my dream cabin and I HOPE, a separate building that will bring people together through music, dancing, food and cooking, meditation, yoga and more.

Send Photos of: 
homes, cars, landscape, horses, pets, planes, boats,  cabins, 

Have a requests? Let's see it!  Send me the photo.

Sorry, no people please.

9x12 - $100

6 x 20 - $150 

20 x 24 - $220 

Priced per painting + shipping in US and Canada

Each painting will be created in watercolor paint and be sent (unframed) to your door aproxomately three weeks later.   


1.) The first step towards receiving your custom watercolor is to send a picture file to

2.) In that email please tell me what size you would like and describe any changes or omits you would like in the final painting. 


1/2 payment due to get started. Remaining payment and shipping cost paid once you recieve custom paiting at your home AND you are 100% happy. Because, I really care that you are. 

Once I receive your email and your photo I will send you a link for the first payment and I will get my paints and brushes ready to go.