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let's barter for beauty


Instead of cash or credit, let's find a new form of currency.
Once that is less about exchange of money and more about an exchange of connection.
A way to make connections with each other through what beauty we share or a way that we can connect you to something beautiful that you want in your life. Peter Mckinnen said in a video "Everyone you know knows someone you want to know." This is profound and if you start telling people what you want in life, IT WILL start to manifest into that thing. It's already happening in my life. The key is telling people and talking about what you are up to. What the idea, dream, desire? Wjat's that one thing in your life that has like 99.9% chance of ever happening. Say it! Tell someone! Be honest about it and I bet, it will come true. So here we are. In exchange for my work as a photographer I want these things in my life. They are things that will bring joy and connection and I will learn stories about people. This learning, perhaps brings me the greatest joy and vibrates through me a feeling of love. 

In exchange for my work as a photographer I will except as payment the following items. 

Beauty portrait session 
- A cup of coffee and a conversation
- A homemade dinner 



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