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Listen to a live performance of Clair playing Invierno 

About my photography project

Just a Thing of Beauty Photography Project began in December 2021 with this portrait of my friend Graham. It started with a conversation to learn about him, his passions, his talents, and who he is at the core. As a result, I captured a portrait that is authentic, honest and beautiful. 

What you can look forward to

Each portrait session begins with a conversation. We find a comfortable place to sit and chat. I look forward to learning about you and hearing your stories and even sharing about mine too. I can tell you about Tug hill or how I made sourdough using maple tree sap.  I am curious about things like your earrings, or tattoo, or article of clothing, for example.  I'd love to know if there is a story connected to them. After we chat for a little while I'll grab my camera, but we will keep chatting and I will do everything I cant to make you feel comfortable. For me its about creating an enjoyable experience for you and my goal is that you walk away from your photo session smiling saying to yourself. "That was fun!" 



Friends, this is my beautiful friend Eric L Kind.


Erik, is a friend I met through tango, though at the moment he is unable to dance. At the time I took this photo we were in downtown Portland, Maine and he was sitting in his wheelchair.  You would never know by looking at him or by the handsome look in his eyes that a year ago Eric had a stroke. From that day till now he has experienced (in my opinion), some of the hardest struggles I have ever heard. I love this photo of Eric so much, because it shows that glimmer of courage, determination and constant pursuit to live every day to the fullest, because you never know when that time is up. To me this shows one of the most beautiful things I see when I look at Eric. His heart.


This is Sally Moses A beautiful woman inside and out.

Sally was one of the beautiful humans who won the "Win a Beautiful Photo Session For a Friend" contest. Her daughter Michelle Moses-Eisenstein nominated her and this is what she said about her mom.

"I nominate my mom, Sally. I think her emotional intelligence and support is one of her most beautiful qualities. She grew up in a time where talking about your feelings was not encouraged, even during the most challenging times of trauma and loss. Instead, she’s lived her own truth and encouraged and taught others (like me) to fully embrace (and feel) the human experience, and accept the things we cannot change. The last few years have been full of grief and isolation for so many of us, and I think she’s been a powerful and vulnerable force who has been her own light and supported others. She is beautiful and deserves to be seen, especially now, for her inner and outer beauty. "



“Every day I look in the mirror and try to find something beautiful, but it’s really hard. But when I look at this picture of myself, I think, Oh, is this what people see? I may not be beautiful in any conventional sense, but when I look at this picture, I see my beauty.”

*Jennifer will use this photo in her book when it is published this year. She told me she wanted to appear kind and also, a force to be reckoned with. 

The following is a message from Ingunia.

"What a surprise. I really like the photo.

And it came on a very interesting day - this morning I moved out of a place I have been living for the last two years. It was a very solitary time. I lost my partner to cancer and COVID stopped everything.  For last couple of days I have been cleaning nonstop and getting rid off unnecessary belongings. I have slept just a few hours. 

It is a beginning of something unknown and freeing and your photo will always remind me of that. 

It’s like - all the old is thrown out and new has not yet arisen.
Thank you for your openness and willingness to really see a human being in front of you."

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